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Established in 1896 soon after the writer's death, Carlyle's House is one of the oldest literary museums in London, so the original decor and furnishings as well as many personal items have been preserved. The Scottish-born historian Thomas Carlyle, who is best known for his history of the French Revolution, moved to this typical tall and thin townhouse in the early part of the Victorian era when Chelsea was still largely undeveloped and unfashionable. Carlyle wrote his monumental tomes in the attic, which he had soundproofed against the noise of his neighbors. He and his wife lived a life full of anecdote and incident and there is much here to delight both those with an interest in literary history and those with an enthusiasm for Victorian interiors.

Location:  24 Cheyne Row

Business hours:  Mar-Oct - We-Su 11:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.