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The National Theatre Cottesloe is part of the South Bank Centre, home to several cultural venues showcasing the best in theater, music, film and art. The Cottesloe holds around 300 people, but capacity can vary depending on the production. The seats in the Cottesloe are portable, so seating arrangements will always be specially designed for a specific production, but this does sacrifice some comfort. The National Theatre has dining facilities with two restaurants, buffet bars and espresso bars. The Royal National Theatre's three theaters - see listings for the Lyttelton and the Olivier - put on a variety of shows ranging from classics to musicals, but the emphasis is put on quality. This is arguably London's most respected theater venue, although tourists tend to stick to the flashier West End.

Location:  South Bank , National Theatre, South Bank Center

Business hours:  Mo-Sa 10:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m.