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Gate shows arcane art house flicks as well as less-mainstream new releases. You will witness a range of documentaries, Hollywood blockbusters, art films, feature films, independent films among other delights. The cinema's screening room is cozy with intricate ceiling cornices, which is something to admire before your film commences. Drinking is permitted so take your beer in and enjoy. The cafe-bar is a good place to visit for a relaxing drink or two. You might also be enchanted by a handful of opera and theater that is performed here from time to time. Since it's quite small, it's usually packed to the brim on the weekends so book ahead of time or turn up early. You can also hire the venue for hosting your private or business events. Check website or call on +0871 902 5731 for more details on current and upcoming events and exact show times.

Location:  87 Notting Hill Gate