Jongleurs - Camden Lock

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Jongleurs - Camden Lock

Photo credit: Richard Oldale


Comedians have recently regained their status in society as the court jesters of today and laughing the night away is cheaper and far more satisfactory than a session on the shrink's couch. And at Jongleurs, you can sip beer perched around tables as you're entertained by a succession of stand ups, but remember to bring a box of tissues as the tears of laughter will probably flow uncontrollably. If you don't want to become part of the act, don't sit near the front in a loud shirt, and definitely don't heckle. It can get very busy, so book in advance for the most popular (typically Friday and Saturday) evenings. And if you're not in the Camden area, there are Jongleurs clubs in Battersea and Bow and dotted about the rest of the country.

Location:  11 Chalk Farm Road