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In the heart of the charming Kensington Gardens resides this royal piece of history, a place which has been revered for centuries and beyond. Serving as the home of the British Royal Family since the 17th century, the palace boasts a facade which only exudes glory and grandiose. Ornamented with lush, emerald patches, ponds and the pristine statue of Queen Victoria, the Jacobean Kensington Palace is awash in courtly interiors, its dramatically-decorated rooms – like the Cupola Room - a sight to behold. Noteworthy royalty who have called the palace home include Princess Diana, Prince and Princess Richard of Gloucester, Princess Helena, Duchess of Albany, and many more. The ornate Orangery and Winter Café are a place replete with English fare, while the Royal Ceremonial Dress Collection, complete with ceremonial garbs dating as far back as the 18th century, are a pleasant insight into the historic cultural nuances of England. Over the years, the palace has also been home to iconic events, awards and successes.

Location:  off Kensington Palace Gardens