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Mark Kozelek is a singer/songwriter and producer from Ohio who is perhaps best-known as the front man of Sun Kil Moon. After relocating to San Francisco and forming Red House Painters with drummer Anthony Koutsos in 1989, he released a series of critically lauded albums with the band throughout the mid-1990s, until it parted with its label and found its latest album, Old Ramon, stranded on a shelf. Though the LP was eventually released in 1998, Kozelek had begun to harness his autobiographical songwriting into his own intense solo material. He dropped his debut EP Rock 'n' Roll Singer, in 2000, with mixture of original and cover material packaged in an acoustic folk ballad style. As he continued to release his own material, he formed Sun Kil Moon in 2002 and debuted the project with Ghosts of the Great Highway in 2003. Kozelek has since been releasing material and performing as a solo artist and as the lead singer in his band.

Location:  Union Chapel, Compton Avenue, Off Upper Street

Date:  Oct 11, 2018 7 p.m.