Daniel Stephens and Joe Ray are two UK-based electronic producers who combine to form Nero. Creating a blend of dubstep and drum and bass, the duo uses genre trademarks to create a unified sound that is characteristic of the current state of underground electronic music. The booming, wobbly bass lines and crisp, snapping percussion hits of dubstep form the basis of Nero's music. However, whereas many of the genre's artists will sample vocal tracks to edit and manipulate to their liking, Stephens and Ray utilize the vocal talents of Alana Watson, a London-based singer whose chilly contributions offer Nero's music an effective focus on melody. The group continues to establish itself in the current electronic scene thanks to both its original tracks and its high-profile remixes.

Location:  Egg London, 200 York Way

Date:  Nov 23, 2018 11 p.m.