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Andrew Heissler is a singer/songwriter from Bloomington, Illinois who creates American roots music under the moniker Pokey LaFarge. After discovering blues music and graduating high school, he hitchhiked around the country, busking on sidewalks, meeting like-minded artists and crafting his blues-infused Americana sound. Pokey self-released his 2006 debut album, Marmalade, followed by 2008's Beat, Move & Shake before he joined forces with his friends of the South City Three to form Pokey La Farge & the South City Three. With his new band, Pokey released Riverboat Soul in 2010, and has since been charming an international audience with his nostalgic brand of American roots music.

Location:  The Round Chapel, Powerscroft Road

Date:  Dec 14, 2018 7 p.m.