Pollock's Toy Museum

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Model railways, teddy bears, puppets, dolls' house and dollies are all at home in the many rooms of the two four-story 18th century houses that make up Pollock's Toy Museum. The museum is most famous for its collection of Victorian model theaters as its namesake, Benjamin Pollock, was one of the last publishers of toy theater sheets. A trip here makes an educational and fun outing for children as well as adults with a soft spot for nostalgia. Not to mention, children will love seeing the weird and wonderful toys of the past that have now been replaced by Pokemon and Playstations. Take a look at the ventriloquists' dolls, lead miniatures and puppets, then go and buy some at the toyshop next door.

Location:  1 Scala Street

Business hours:  Mo-Sa 10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.