Sadler's Wells

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Established in 1683, Sadler's Wells is a performing arts venue that is renown for its year-round dance program. From flamenco to hip hop, and contemporary to Bollywood, Sadler's Wells offers a varied program that embraces dance in all its myriad forms. The main theater at Rosebery Avenue was constructed in 1998 at the historic site where the original theater was established over three centuries ago. Besides the main theater, the site also encompasses several rehearsal rooms and a second performance venue - the Lilian Baylis Studio - that is used for the showcase of small-scale performances by established artists and experimental work. Through collaboration with various artists and dance companies, the theater showcases several original pieces each year, alongside performances by visiting artists. Sadler's Wells supports a vibrant program that encourages artistic expression through movement and dance, and is revered the world over as a premier venue for dance.

Location:  Rosebery Avenue