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Practical Information

Enthroned on London's highest point at the summit of Ludgate Hill, St. Paul's elegant silhouette is an icon of the city skyline, its soaring dome framed by the cathedral's spires. First built in 604 but destroyed by the Great Fire of 1666, the beautiful building that stands today was designed by Sir Christopher Wren in the English Baroque style. While the marvelous facade is a stunning triumph, it does little to belay the sumptuous interiors, brimming with vivid sculptures, intricate carvings and gleaming gilded details. St Paul's has been host to many important events over the years, including the funeral of Sir Winston Churchill in 1965 and the wedding of Prince Charles to Lady Diana Spencer in 1981. Of the cathedral's many treasures, the Whispering Gallery is worth a special mention; just a whisper against the blank circular wall can be heard 42 meters (137.7 feet) away on the opposite side. The seat of the Bishop of London, the St. Paul's remains a venerated place of worship even as droves of tourists flock to its benevolent embrace.

Location:  St. Paul's Churchyard

Business hours:  Mo-Sa 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.