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Dreamy and full of delicate falsettos, the music of Tom Krell - who performs under the How to Dress Well moniker - is the lo-fi underground version of R&B slow jams. Based out of Cologne, Germany, when Krell debuted his How to Dress Well project he was a translator of modern philosophy by day, but a musician and DJ by night. By looping slowed down samples of pop musicians like Michael Jackson and Mariah Carey and overlaying them with his own haunting vocals, Krell might not produce the type of music that will fill a dance floor, but How to Dress Well has been receiving positive attention nonetheless, finding a niche amongst fans of the quieter side of bedroom pop.

Location:  Lodge Room, 104 North Avenue 56, 2nd Floor, Highland Park Masonic Temple, Highland Park

Date:  Nov 28, 2018 8 p.m.