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Born and raised in Argentina, Juana Molina was immersed in tango and other traditional forms of South American music at an early age by her father, who taught Molina the guitar at the age of 5. Though her family relocated to Paris in her early childhood due to a military coup, Molina eventually returned to her native country and pursued acting, becoming a hit in the Spanish-speaking world for a comedy sketch program she appeared in. Soon abandoning acting for music, Molina began making ambient folk in 1996. Her albums include both Spanish and French lyrics and are noted for their innovative looping, haunting vocals and electronica samplings, all meshed with traditional elements of Latin folk. Her albums are often put on critics' "Best of the Year" lists and have garnered multiple world music awards, establishing Molina as a highly innovative musician worth many listens.

Location:  Teragram Ballroom, 1234 West 7th Street

Date:  Sep 14, 2018 9 p.m.