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Brazenly opening its doors in the middle of the rougher, austerely industrial section of downtown - off the beaten track - Villains Tavern is a bar and restaurant of a distinct style and notoriety. Serving the resident artists of the area and downtown visitors alike, VT entices with its juicy menu, beefy roster of house cocktails and a striking interior. The fare here ranges from gourmet bar food to more epicurean creations. However, its deftly provocative ambiance is the main draw. A few find the vibe here a bit too yuppie for the grungy neighborhood it represents, while others have pronounced it their favorite go-to spot when in the mood for something edgier. One thing is for certain: VT is a unique addition to your forays to the warehouse district.

Location:  1356 Palmetto Street

Business hours:  Mo-Su 5:30 p.m.-2:00 a.m.