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Outdoor Activities

Cuadra San Francisco offers a professional equestrian experience for horseback riders of all ages and skill levels. Enjoy the scenic canyons and rolling desert hills of paradise. The horses are well-trained and expert guides will lead you through the activities, which include trail rides where you can examine the local flora and fauna up close, treks along the beach at sunset, or training classes. This is a wholesome family experience and is sure to inspire an indelible Cabo memory for decades to come. Bring sunscreen and perhaps a cowboy hat for the one to two-hour ride. They will take you to the beach for sunset, but keep in mind that there are more romantic rides available, as the sun sets over the Pacific and not the Sea of Cortez.

Location:  Transpeninsular Highway Kilometer 19.5, Cabo Real Center

Business hours:  Su-Sa 9:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.