Los Tres Gallos

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Las Tres Gallos is a refreshingly simple new Mexican restaurant just off the main street in downtown Cabo San Lucas. The three roosters are among the most famous Mexican singers, three legends, and their music will serenade you while you dine. This place is so small there are only four tables, and much of the food is cooked on the stove outside the front door. The family-style cooking is fantastic, offering traditional Mexican dishes cooked with the freshest ingredients and homemade tequila salsas. The prices are also amazing, so if you're searching for the perfect spot to get an authentic taste of Mexico without paying exorbitant pesos at the tourists traps down the street, the three roosters are here for you.

Location:  16th de Septiembre

Business hours:  Su-Sa 10:00 a.m.-10:00 p.m.