PAZ Body & Mind Spa at Cabo Azul

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The PAZ Body & Mind Spa at Cabo Azul offers guests the chance to escape their routine worries, and indulge in a relaxing afternoon in a tranquil setting. The 7000-square-foot spa offers a myriad wellness experiences from signature treatments to refreshing plunge pools and private suites. Opt for the 80-minute Escape Session and choose between options like Zest Lapis, Papaya Sugar and Shea Butter Massage, and Aloe Cooling Massage. Get your skin glowing with treatments like the Timeless Jade and Healing Quartz. For the complete experience, guests can opt for the luxurious Crystal Champagne Terrace Suite or the Crystal Quartz Paz for Romance. The on-site fitness center also offers yoga, pilates, and gym services here.

Location:  Paseo Malecon , Cabo Azul Resort by Diamond Resorts, Fonatur

Business hours:  Mo-Su 9:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m.