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Wild Canyon Adventures


Outdoor Activities

Wild Canyon Ekopark has a plethora of extreme outdoor activities to tickle your fancy as you're dancing with the angels or freefalling with el diablo. Bungee, zip lines, two-person pendulum-style bungee, ATVs, off-road racers, Green Zebras, dolphins - this is the park of all parks in Cabo, with majestic scenery and expert guides. Hang out upside-down, pendulum-style with a bungee cord attached to a sun-burnt ankle. Or, ride in a glass-bottom gondola that takes glide jumpers out to the center of the canyon, where the epic adventure begins. The panoramic views of the uninhabited desert are amazing, and you'll experience it all in a way you never thought possible. Cacti, flora, and fauna come to life as the earth rushes up. Transportation will pick up bungee bombers from their hotel; the activity only takes two hours from start to finish, so capture time in a bottle and dive full throttle into the Baja desert. From nine in the morning until sunset, fly like an eagle.

Location:  1 Carretera Federal Libre Transpenisular San Lucas, Wild Canyon Ekopark