The Yucatan Railway Museum

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If you find yourself fascinated with railways, and their intricate history, then head to the Yucatan Railway Museum to learn more about this important means of transportation. Featuring everything from locomotives and carriages to wagons and railways equipment like steam engines, the museum is acclaimed to have the second biggest collection of railway goods in the country. From among all the displays, the 1890's Pullman Wooden Bodied Carriage is clearly the most popular exhibit, while some of the other railway carriages can be rented out for events and/or photo shoots. Irrespective of your motive to check out the quaint displays here, The Yucatan Railway Museum will surely not disappoint you.

Location:  Calle 43, Suite 429, 48 in front

Business hours:  Fr-Su 10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.