Camelback Mountain

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Outdoor Activities

Stationed near the heart of Scottsdale, the Camelback Mountain watches over Phoenix, Arizona's sweeping semi-arid plains from a spectacular elevation of nearly 1,400 feet (426.72 meters). The mountain obtains its name from the resembles its bears to the unmistakable shape of a camel's hump. The north trailhead offers views of red cliffs rising 200 feet (61 meters) in some areas, beckoning rock climbers. While facilities are limited at the Echo Canyon Recreation Area with only a trailhead water fountain, an interpretive ramada, and trails, desert wildlife is abundant here. Antelope squirrels, lizards, and snakes are the landscape's most widely-spread inhabitants. The Praying Monk red sandstone formation is arguably the site's most noticeable sight.

Location:  5700 North Echo Canyon Parkway