The Elephant Man

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The Elephant Man is a theater production inspired by the lift of Joseph Merrick, a Victorian-era man known for his extreme intelligence and severe body deformities. The story follows John Merrick, the star of a traveling freak show who attracts the attention of an ambitious surgeon named Frederick Treves. Merrick leaves the show to live in the London Hospital, where he will be studied and taken care of by Treves and various other doctors and nurses. While at the hospital, Merrick meets actress Madge Kendal and though he initially frightens her, he ultimately amazes her with his insightful views on literature and the world. The Elephant Man is perhaps most notable for refraining from using prosthetic makeup on the actor playing Merrick, allowing audiences to imagine their own version of him while also stressing his intrinsic humanity.

Location:  Zao Theater, 550 South Ironwood Drive

Date:  Aug 24, 2018 7:30 p.m.