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Though the Los Angeles-based alternative rock band Weezer has gone through a few different incarnations and permutations since it arrived on the scene with its well received 1994 debut album, the group has managed to evolve with the times and reinvent its sound to stay relevant. After the group released its critically lauded 1997 sophomore effort Pinkerton, Weezer went on hiatus for a few years before it returned with 2001's The Green Album. The LP helped introduce the band's music to a new generation of fans and the group's easy to like, pop-centric songs helped Weezer enjoy a high level of commercial popularity. Having since gone on to release subsequent albums to mixed critical reception, Weezer has proven itself a band with longevity and staying power.

Location:  Ak-Chin Pavilion, 2121 North 83rd Avenue

Date:  Aug 12, 2018 7:30 p.m.