Casa de la Malinche

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Casa de la Malinche


Not many tourists know about this house or its former occupant, but it is actually quite interesting, more so than many other so-called famous houses. This is where the Aztec lover of the conquistador Hernán Cortés lived. She was called Doña María by the Spaniards and Malintzín by her fellow people, hence the name Malinche. One of her main tasks was to act as an interpreter of the Nahuatl language for the conquistador, thus helping him to subjugate and enslave her own people. Never a popular figure in Mexican history, the word 'malinchista' is in fact a depreciative way to describe Mexicans who prefer foreign things.

Location:  Higuera y Vallarta, Colonia Centro

Business hours:  Tu-Sa 1:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m.