Iglesia de la Santa Veracruz

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Practical Information

This church is located in a square of the same name, and is considered to be one of the most important in the city. The baroque influence of well-known Spanish architect Jose de Churriguera is apparent. In 1526 the Spanish conqueror of Mexico, Hernan Cortés, established the so-called Archicofradía de la Santa Veracruz, in what is now one of the oldest churches in the city: this was an act of thanksgiving for his successful arrival in America in 1519. However, the actual building seen today dates back to 1739, and inside, there are paintings by Miguel Cabrera. The tomb of the Valencian sculptor and architect Manuel Tólsa is one of the more interesting spectacles here.

Location:  33 Avenida Hidalgo, Colonia Centro