Monument to General Alvaro Obregón

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Monument to General Alvaro Obregón


General Álvaro Obregón, a revolutionary leader and president of the United States of Mexico, was gunned down in this spot while attending a banquet in 1928, shortly after being elected for a second term of office. The assassin was a young religious fanatic by the name of José de León Toral, who was motivated by Obregón's anti-church policies. The somber monument with two granite statues depicting agriculture and industry commemorates moments of the revolutionary period. It houses the General's forearm and hand, which were blown off by a canon in the Battle of Celaya. This event coined the phrase "Nadie resiste un cañonazo de 50 mil pesos" ("Nobody resists 50 thousand pesos worth of cannon fire"). The monument was designed by Ignacio Asúnsolo and is found within the pleasant surroundings of the Parque de la Bombilla.

Location:  Avenida Miguel Angel de Quevedo e Insurgentes, San Angel