Plaza de las Tres Culturas

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Inaugurated in the year 1966 and designed by well-respected urbanist Mario Pani, the Plaza de las Tres Culturas sits in the heart of the Tlatelolco locale of Mexico City. The name of this plaza is derived from the fusion of Mexico's three main cultural epochs: pre-Hispanic, colonial and present-day, and it offers elements taken from all three historical periods. The first is represented by the ruins of an Aztec ceremonial site while the second one built by the Santiago Tlatelolco Church in 1609, and the third epoch was constructed by the Santa Cruz de Tlatelolco College in 1535. Last but certainly not least, the modern age is personified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and was constructed in 1970. The plaza's southern end houses a stone, memorial that was erected in honor of the unfortunate victims of the Tttaleoloco Massacre that occurred on the 2nd of October 1968.

Location:  Eje Central Lázaro Cárdenas