Little Havana & Calle Ocho

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In the heart of Miami lies a quintessential neighborhood which can safely be called a dainty replica of Cuba. A well-known landmark in Miami, the neighborhood started being called Little Havana in the 1960s when scores of Cuban immigrants began to call the area home. Here, every turn of the winding street evinces a wealth of boutiques, cigar shops and authentic Cuban eateries splashed in vibrant greens, yellows and tangerines. Accentuated by the meandering Miami River, Little Havana is a stunning hive of cultural and communal activities, which essentially take place in Calle Ocho. Further mottled with parks (like the Domino Park) and several other attractions like the Tower Theater and the Walk of Fame honoring Cubans like Celia Cruz and Gloria Estefan, this quaint neighborhood is also a lively hive of musical performances, cultural fairs and major events like the Calle Ocho Festival. Havana's exuberant old-world charm comes alive in all its glory at this neighborhood which bears a stirring testimony to its earliest, rather ambitious Cuban inhabitants.

Location:  8th Street & 17th Avenue