Catch 22


Catch 22 is a local gem of a restaurant, serving fresh and delicious seafood in a chic, modern setting. This downtown restaurant is favored by those with a discerning taste and a craving for the fruit of the sea. From casual eats like Jambalaya Shrimp Wraps and Lobster Rolls to more decadent options like lobster and Atlantic halibut, the chefs at Catch 22 execute each dish to perfection, bringing out the subtle flavors of each ingredient while showcasing the the seafood. Although best known for seafood, Catch 22 also offers a variety of vegetarian, poultry and meat dishes as well, including pasta, Cajun chicken and steak. Perfect for celebrations, date night and special occasions, Catch 22 is promises a top-notch dining experience.

Location:  589 Main Street, Downtown

Business hours:  Mo-Su 4:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m.