Laundromat Espresso Bar

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It's easy enough to walk right past this local gem, never knowing what lies just behind the unassuming facade that harkens to a time when this place was actually a laundromat. Despite its name, the Laundromat is actually a coffee shop and bar that boasts an eclectic clientele. Here, you will find a rotating selection of some of the country's best craft beers on tap and in bottles, and is one of the very few bars that can boast the Acadie Broue and Celtic Knot on tap. These local nanobrews are a must have for craft beer enthusiasts and this a great place to savor your first taste. Besides a curated variety of craft beer, the Laundromat also serves creamy cappuccinos and bold espressos, alongside desserts, baked treats, cheese, charcuterie and small plates. The bar itself is a hip and friendly place where you could easily while away a couple of hours chatting with the friendly clientele.

Location:  382 Saint George Street

Business hours:  Mo-Su 10:00 a.m.-2:00 a.m.