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Inspired by the eponymous merchant ships that Moncton was once known for, the Windjammer is a fresh take on old-school fine dining. A nautical theme dictates the decor, calling to mind the luxurious ships of yore. You'll be greeted at the door with much warmth that carries through the entire meal, transforming what is sure to be a remarkable meal into an unforgettable experience. Only the finest cuts of beef feature on the restaurants signature steak menu, cooked to perfection and served alongside decadent sides like Truffle Risotto, Duck Fat Fires and Foie Gras Mashed Potatoes. The tasting menu, on the other hand, features more inventive dishes prepared using fresh, locally sourced, seasonal ingredients of the finest quality, while classics like the Pan-seared Atlantic Salmon and Bay of Fundy Lobster complete an already desirous culinary offer. What the Windjammer promises above all else in uncompromising quality, genuine hospitality and classic cuisine, all in a setting that is redolent of the finer things in life without even a hint of pretention.

Location:  750 Main Street, Delta Hotels by Marriott Baausejour

Business hours:  Tu-Sa 5:30 p.m.-10:00 p.m.