See new and old come together at historic Falmouth

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Established as a shipping port in 1769, Falmouth was once a major hub for the nation's sugar cane exports. The town boasts gorgeous Georgian architecture that's visible in the delicate designs adorning many buildings. Don't miss the gorgeous St. Peter's Anglican Church, especially its inlaid floors featuring cross-shaped blue mahoe wood and mahogany.

At night, check out the Glistening Waters Luminous Lagoon, where the Black River meets the sea. Watch the light show created by micro-organisms in the water that glow when disturbed by the fish that swim past. You might even be invited for a closer look by taking a dip here in the lagoon - so bring your swimsuit.

A new US$180-million cruise ship port opened here in 2011, bringing a swell of travellers on port days to this historic village 25 km east of Montego Bay. Stroll the busy streets around the town whose claim to fame is having piped water even before New York City.