Myrtle Beach Boardwalk & Promenade

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Outdoor Activities

No trip to Myrtle Beach would be complete without a trip down the 2.4 kilometer-long (1.5-miles) boardwalk and promenade. Completely renovated and refurbished in the year 2010 completely, it now serves as the famous Myrtle Beach's centerpiece that offers an array of splendid views of the North Atlantic. The sleek boardwalk stretches from the 14th Avenue pier to the 2nd Avenue and along the way provides a mix of nature and nightlife. There are more tranquil spots near the beginning of the promenade, while its midsection is where one can spot a whole myriad of restaurants, bars, and vibrant stalls. The esplanade's location and dimensions make it an unmissable sight on South Carolina's easternmost frontier.

Location:  Myrtle Beach Boardwalk & Promenade