Rioz Brazilian Steakhouse

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This Brazilian churrascaria (as they are affectionately known in Brazil) is a meat-lovers paradise. Here, diners will find almost every type of meat, poultry and sausage on the traditional espetada or skewer. The way it usually works is you load up on the salad bar of hot and cold dishes, then the parade of meat starts, continually emerging from the kitchen. When you want to be served, turn the card at your seat to the green side, then when you have filled yourself up, turn it over to the red side. Of course, there is always traditional feijão negro (black bean) and arroz (rice) served on the side, but most diners usually are mesmerized by the amounts of chicken, beef, lamb and pork that come out of the kitchen. Moreover, the restaurant adds Caipirinha cocktails and imported beers to the mix, making this spot a great place to start the night.

Location:  2920 Hollywood Drive

Business hours:  Su-Sa 11:30 a.m.-9:00 p.m.