Cedar Farmer's Market

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One has to take a drive to reach the Cedar Farmer's Market. This seasonal market is among the best of the lot and also eagerly awaited. Set on a grassy field, it is near to the Crow and Gate Neighbourhood Pub and has more than 70 vendors spread across. Get local produce that is organic and fresh from farmers who have set shop here. Buy great meat and seafood. Explore the market where the aromas of vegetables, fruits, flowers and food create a heady mixture. Check out food stalls to fill your hunger pangs. Check out crafts store for some unique souvenirs or indigenous products. Held every Sunday from May to October, this lively market gets even more livelier with live performances and acts.

Location:  2313 Yellow Point Road, Near Crow and Gate Pub

Business hours:  May-Oct - Su 10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.