Jack Point and Biggs Park

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Outdoor Activities

Serene and tranquil are the words that best describe Jack Point and Biggs Park. This ocean-side park is set on a peninsula and Jack Point is the tip of that headland. It is named in honor of Jack Doholt was a long time resident at the point during the 19th Century while the park is named in ode of John Biggs. The majestic shoreline is dominated by carved sandstone with trails dotted bu Douglas fir and arbutus, giving it a more secluded forest look. The point is a fabulous place for wildlife enthusiasts where you can catch seals, porpoises, bald eagles and sea lions, to name a few of the marine animals. Explore the trails and boardwalks as you hike or go fishing and since it has beaches, indulge in some beachcombing.

Location:  501 Duke Point Highway