Morrell Nature Sanctuary

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Outdoor Activities

Spread across 111 hectares (278 acres), Morrell Nature Sanctuary is a fabulous park that is used for educative programs. Established in 1985 on a land that was logged and later conserved due to its second-growth forest, it is a beautiful expanse of coastal Douglas fir and many other species of trees, woody shrubs, herbs, ferns and mosses. The various trails will take you through areas of maples, alders and redwood. As you hike along these trails you will see a drapery of thimbleberry, violets and vanilla leaf. The sanctuary also features a small lake and beaver pond. The educative programs help you to understand a rain-shadow forest and how to conserve them.

Location:  787 Nanaimo Lakes Road

Business hours:  Mo-Su 7:00 a.m.-8:45 p.m.