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Set in the charming, hacienda-style hotel, Charela Inn, Le Vendome is a lovely restaurant. Its whimsical setting replete with colorful tablecloths, decorative artworks and fairy lights lends an air of romance to it. Their menu is a creative blend of French and Jamaican cuisines. Taking pride in making everything from scratch as well as making their baked goods, sorbets, burgers, desserts and salad dressings on-site, their no preservative, additives and artificial coloring rule just enhances the flavor of their dishes. You can choose from their a la carte fare or their five-course gourmet menu which changes daily. Overlooking the Caribbean Sea, their alfresco dining option in the garden is among the best where you can gaze upon the azure ocean and enjoy their delightful creations.

Location:  Norman Manley Boulevard, Charela Inn