The Caves



A secret get-away for those who crave solitude and comfort, this resort has been the answer for the past 10 years. These hand-crafted wood and stone thatched roofed cottages are situated on two acres of lush gardens. The cottages are balanced on natural volcanic formed caves overlooking the Caribbean Sea and the walls of the caves have fossils of marine lifeforms. Guests at this Garden of Eden have included the likes of supermodels Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss and movie star Dennis Hopper. Privacy is important and, as such, the landscape is designed to ensure this. Coral reefs reach to the edge of the caves and there are ladders that lead down to the sea. Those more daring can jump off cliffs or through blowholes into the water or alternatively laze in hammocks, enjoy the sea breeze and capture the sun. The amazing experience of living in The Caves must be experienced to be believed.

Location:  144 One Love Drive