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Set up by a few native New Yorkers, Otto's Shrunken Head is a lone bar on a quiet stretch of 14th Street. This long narrow space which qualifies as a Tiki Bar has an eclectic decor complete with blow fish lanterns, leopard-print bar stools, Hawaiian-inspired wallpaper, red leather banquettes, faux grass edging and a pin ball machine inspired by the Simpsons. Expect some real good music at this bar from the '80s and early '90s, spanning everything from ballads and rock to industrial. Punk nights and acoustic jam sessions also change regularly. The bartenders mix up some real sweet tiki drinks, which are a specialty here, although most locals prefer chilled beers. Try Otto's Octane, a creative mix of pineapple rum, Kahlua and banana liqueur. Stormy Skull, Zombie, Shrunken Skirt and Volcano Blast are few other combinations. Served in mugs with unique inscriptions, the drinks are innovative and well concocted, and will appeal to those who like to experiment.

Location:  538 East 14th Street

Business hours:  Mo-Su 2:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m.