Pastis (Meatpacking District)

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Serving some of the best steak frites in town, this popular French bistro in the Meatpacking District makes you feel like you're in Paris, but with a New York twist. Even the decor of this large, spacious room feels French with red banquettes, mirrored walls and ceiling fans.

In addition to breakfast and lunch, "supper" is served until late. Try the moules frites au Pernod (mussels and fries), seared tuna Nicoise sandwich and roast lobster with garlic butter and fries. Since the restaurant's namesake (pastis) is an anise-flavoured aperitif from France, you can be sure the restaurant offers several varieties of this drink at its full bar. There is a splendid wine list here, too. The clientele is chic and casual - perfect for dates, groups, or solo dining.

The restaurateurs behind Pastis own other popular Manhattan restaurants Balthazar and Schiller's - both wonderful. In both cuisine and experience, these guys know what they're doing, and you won't be disappointed.

Pricing: $$$