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Outdoor Activities

Set in vast farm, Yaaman Adventure Park is a perfect way to absorb Jamaican culture, nature and flavors. An ideal attraction if you are visiting Ocho Rios with your family, this is one place where children as well as adults can find plenty of activities to keep themselves entertained. If you thought camels were only to be seen in the deserts, then Yaaman Adventure Park is here to prove you wrong. The place allows you to enjoy a camel ride in the most tropical of settings, followed by segway rides that let you soak in the verdant bliss around. The 405 hectare (1000 acre) farm can also be explored on a tractor and horseback, and their are Buggy Rides for the thrill seekers. An aviary will keep birding enthusiasts busy, while the place also has a Dolphin cove for marine fanatics. Yaaman Adventure Park also organizes an interesting Culinary Tour.

Location:  Route 3

Business hours:  Mo-Su 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.