Balboa Island

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Balboa Island seems to have the best of both worlds: a lazy, relaxing island atmosphere, yet only minutes away from the mainland. From festivals and parades to chic boutiques and restaurants that run the culinary gamut, Balboa Island is a gift bestowed upon mankind by mankind. The Marine Avenue, in particular, is a hive of coastal attractions where things take place in a great nautical fashion. Boats and cruise ships ply through clear blue waters, while the sprawling promenade is flecked with a melange of stately, waterfront cottages at this island which is also a stronghold of adventurous water sports like surfing. The island's sleek boulevards are ornamented with soaring palm trees, whereas a string of attractions like markets, patio-fronted coffee shops, quaint and cozy bookshops, and the Balboa Island Museum & Historical Society lend it a touristy appeal. A stunning merger of fun, entertainment and laid-back semblances, Balboa Island is an undisputed jewel studded on to the Californian coast.

Location:  Balboa Island