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Emmylou Harris is a singer/songwriter from Birmingham, Alabama whose decade-spanning career has seen her growth from a pop chart-topping country music success in the 1980s to becoming one of the most beloved matriarchs of American country and folk music. Known best as a songwriter and accompanying singer for some of country music's top acts, Emmylou Harris has also proven herself as a capable solo act, with several Grammy Award wins since her second album, Elite Hotel, won for Best Female Vocal Performance in 1976. Despite Harris' tremendous talent and success as a solo musician, it's hard not to consider her best work--both past and present--as being in collaboration with other artists who value the powerful emotion and dignity she adds to the performance.

Location:  Royce Hall, 340 Royce Drive, University of California

Date:  Oct 4, 2018 8 p.m.