Moby, Los Angeles Philharmonic

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Richard Melville Hall, who performs and releases music under his moniker Moby, is a singer/songwriter and DJ who is probably best known for the attention he received in the 1990s for his electronica and house-influenced work, most notably his 1999 LP, Play. Having written music that touches on a myriad of varied styles including folk, techno, rock and ambient, Moby has proven himself as a versatile musician who's capable of working within nearly any genre paradigm. Though Moby proves his dramatic range as a musician on his studio efforts, during live performances and DJ sets, he will typically stick to straightforward electronic material, frequently shifting between intense breakcore beats and more relaxed downtempo grooves.

Location:  Walt Disney Concert Hall, 111 South Grand Avenue, The Music Center

Date:  Oct 12, 2018 8 p.m.