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Father John Misty is the musical brainchild of Baltimore, MD-born artist, J. Tillman. Former drummer of the folk pop band The Fleet Foxes, Tillman left the group in 2012 to focus on his solo work and adopted his new moniker. As Father John Misty, he pulls from a wider sonic palette than his former projects, blending jangly, slow-burning indie rock with classic singer/songwriter fare on tracks like "Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings," his 2012 single that acted as a precursor to his debut album. Released in 2012, the record stems from a novel Tillman wrote while on a massive, psychedelic drug-induced road trip. After translating his ideas into music, Father John Misty was left with Fear Fun.

Location:  Hard Rock Cafe, 6050 Universal Boulevard, Universal CityWalk®

Date:  Sep 29, 2018 8 p.m.