Gatineau Park

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The breathtaking beauty of Gatineau Park covers the area where the rocky terrain of the Canadian Shield embraces the concave plain of the St Lawrence Lowlands. Spanning 361 square kilometers (139 square miles) of sheer natural beauty and a wide-ranging ecological habitat, the Gatineau Park is home to nearly 10 different trails that wind their way across a 165-kilometer (103-mile) stretch. Additionally, the Trans Canada Trail also slices its way through the park's depths, while 90 kilometers (56 miles) of trails are designated for mountain biking alone. Come fall, the park goes through a stellar transformation, with autumnal colors advancing their way across the lush foliage. Besides beaches that commence their sandy stretch at Meech Lake, Lac Phillippe, and La Pêche Lake, the meromictic Pink Lake is one of the most popular attractions here with its striking turquoise hue.

Location:  Off Autoroute de la Gatineau