Outdoor Activities

Owned and managed by the National Capital Commission (NCC), the Greenbelt project was initiated to preserve the rural landscape in Ottawa and protect it from the proliferation of urbanization. Spread across 78.6 square miles (203.5 square kilometers), the place has been reserved as a rural landscape and modern development in this space has been restricted. Visitors can enjoy a host of activities like walking, hiking, skiing, and so on. The Greenbelt is rich in biodiversity and is home to a variety of flora and fauna. Animals like muskrat, cottontail rabbit, red fox, snowshoe hare, and birds like woodcock, Canada goose, red-tailed hawk, are a common sighting. There are well marked trails, a beautiful bay, an old animal farm, camping sites and golfing facilities as well.

Location:  Sir George-Étienne Cartier Parkway