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The brainchild of Greg Charron & Janine Goulet, iNSiDE Out has garnered raves for its excellent coaching sessions. Focusing on all-round fitness, the gym has on offer exceptional courses for mental, emotional and body fitness are the draw card of this center. For physical well being, the studio offers a blend of barre, yoga, pilates and strength training. Patrons can also go for nutrition classes where you understand the impact of various kinds of food on your body and health. For mental health, opt for one of the life and goal coaching sessions for mental fitness and clarity. The club encourages patrons to focus on both physical, emotional and motivational development and offers patrons the chance to enjoy both mental balance as well as a lean, toned physique. iNSiDE Out has no fixed operating hours. Please check the schedule to know more about their upcoming classes.

Location:  1416 Wellington Street West