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Outdoor Activities


Spread across 500 acres (202 hectares), Wesley Clover Parks has been a popular venue for hosting equestrian events like the International Horse Show and others. Besides being a famous equestrian venue, Wesley Clover Parks has been a space for music concerts by international stars like Shania Twain. Once a equestrian school, where masters and amateur players would practice their talents, the park now is well-landscaped with horse stables, sand rings, riding trails and much more. The park features skating rinks, hiking trails and a campground which invites avid campers for an exciting outing beneath the stars. The camp ground is equipped with modern amenities like WiFi, electricity and assures a comfortable camping experience. In addition, there are picnic tables and fireplace which make it a cozy outing spot with your loved ones.

Location:  401 Corkstown Road