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You know that feeling of absolute delight about a certain place, when a smile creeps in just by thinking about it and you just want to magically transport yourself to that place. Chez Pierre is just that kind of place. This traditional French bistro is chef-owner Pierre Pelech's labor of love, from lovingly made food to a cozy and friendly personalized atmosphere, this winsome restaurant is lovely. Most of the dining is in the covered patio, making it even more appealing. The seasonal, farm to table menu is just sublime with daily specials making their grand entrance on the blackboard. Winters you will find cassoulet to wild game, in spring shad roe and soft shell crabs and in summers, paella, steak tartar and pomme frites. Its like unraveling a gift every season, though here you are unraveling many. The best way to relish the true bistro classics is to eat what the chef recommends, you will be a happy and eternally satisfied person. And yes, being a French restaurant, do not forget the beautiful desserts such as the floating islands. Bon Appétit!

Location:  44250 Town Center Way

Business hours:  Tu-Su 5:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m.